Distributing Your Self-Published Book: The Overview

In my blog series called How to Self-Publish, it’s time to turn to the question of how to distribute your book. Subsequent posts will look at various eBook and print-on-demand (POD) distribution channels that a self-published author can access. This post starts the process with an overview. It’s amazing what’s available. When I’m finished the posts […]

My Guest Blog

This week, I’ve guest blogged for Melodie Campbell. Melodie is a crime/comedy writer, a winner of the Derringer and Arthur Ellis Awards, a fellow Canadian and just an all-around really nice person. I read her book The Goddaughter and found it hilarious. Read my cringeworthy young lawyer experience on Melodie’s blog at http://funnygirlmelodie.blogspot.ca/. Back to a full blog here […]

A Protagonist’s Birthdate

Peter Bradley, the protagonist in my first book, The Case for Killing, was born on July 20, 1960. It’s an interesting day to look back on. Eventually, it also causes Bradley some trouble. From the July 21, 1960 Toronto Daily Star, we learn time-capsule things about July 20 like: The Cold War utterly dominated international politics. Fears were growing […]

Eight Thoughts to Help Writers Persevere

I took a hard look at my writing accomplishments in 2014 and they’re mixed. I received a lot of positive feedback on The Case for Killing. I’ve also had strong beta reader and editorial support for False Guilt. However, sales of my first book have been modest; somewhat above average for a first time self-published […]

Ten Things I Learned in 2014 as a Writer

To strengthen my writer’s resolve, I’ve been looking back on 2014, particularly the period since April when I published The Case for Killing. Here are the top ten things I learned as a writer. Manage expectations. Writing for fun is, well, fun. Expecting to have a broad readership is a recipe for anxiety and depression. […]

Hey Santa

Santa, I know your focus is gifts for girls and boys, but this year, can you also give to this middle-aged writer? BTW, I’ve already bought you milk and cookies with the proceeds of my book sales this year. To help you decide, I’m forwarding you my wish list. Right up front, I acknowledge that there are […]

When is a Book Ready to Publish?

I have a confession to make. I said that my second book, False Guilt, would be available this fall. It will be the first quarter of 2015 instead. I really did think I would make the original deadline. One lesson I’ve learned is that, when talking about a future book’s release date, it’s better to say […]

Fifty Seconds of Terror

For budding crime thriller writers, it’s a challenge to connect with readers and other writers and to learn about the marketplace. That’s the reason for conferences like Bouchercon. I’m just back from the 2014 version in Long Beach, California. Overall, I learned a ton. However, I arrived with apprehension after receiving an email inviting me […]

What Inspired My Second Book?

This is my first blog in a new category about my upcoming second crime thriller, False Guilt. In both The Case for Killing and False Guilt, I use a fictitious downtown Toronto law firm, Collins, Shaw, LLP, as a partial backdrop. But False Guilt takes place not only in Toronto, but also in Rome. And […]

More on Book Contests

A few blogs back, I posted that I’d started thinking about entering The Case for Killing in book contests. I then discussed Canadian book awards for which self-pub thrillers are eligible. This post is about international book contests in which a Canadian self-pub thriller can participate. Most are based in the United States and United Kingdom. I imagined […]