Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: The Summary

Since May 2014, I’ve written 16 posts to help a writer with his first manuscript choose between traditional publishing and self-publishing. I’m bringing the blog series to a close with a summary of what I’ve considered. A few initial thoughts. The blog series and summary assume that a writer who chooses to self-publish will hire a qualified editor […]

Promotion: Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Nearly a year and a half ago, I began a blog series comparing traditional publishing and self-publishing for a fiction writer who’s completed her first manuscript. Today’s post is about promotion. It would be nice if a first-time writer could build readers and maybe even earn an income just by having her book published. However, […]

Publishing Contracts: Promises by the Writer

In my two most recent posts about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I looked at copyright and the promises made to a writer in a publishing contract. This post gives an overview of the promises made by the writer in a publishing contract. In other words, it’s about the writer’s obligations, and […]

Using eBook Retailers for Distribution

In my last two posts under the category How To Self-Publish, I’ve given an overview of distributing a self-published book and discussed direct sales of eBooks by website or social media. This post is about the distribution channel most self-published writers use to sell their books: eBook retailers. With an eBook retailer, a self-published writer […]

Publishing Contracts: Promises to the Writer

In my last blog about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I had a look at copyright in a fiction manuscript. This has set me up for two blogs about traditional publishing contracts, which only writers working with publishing houses will have. Today’s post is a broad overview of the promises made to […]


  I’m continuing my blogs about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing. One key difference between those two routes is that a writer who chooses traditional publishing will have a contract with a publishing house. I thought I would write posts about copyright, promises of the publisher under a traditional publishing contract […]

Distributing Your Self-Published Book: The Overview

In my blog series called How to Self-Publish, it’s time to turn to the question of how to distribute your book. Subsequent posts will look at various eBook and print-on-demand (POD) distribution channels that a self-published author can access. This post starts the process with an overview. It’s amazing what’s available. When I’m finished the posts […]

Trad vs. Self-Publishing: Periodical Reviews

In 2014, I began a series of blogs about a first-time writer who’s completed a fiction manuscript and is deciding whether to search for a traditional publishing contract or to self-publish. When I left off, I was writing about non-financial considerations like lifestyle and control. This week I’m blogging about a writer’s access to media […]


On February 8, 2015, I posted a basic pre-release checklist for a book written by an author who is self-publishing. In the next few weeks, I’m going to write explanatory posts for a few items in the checklist. These will nicely continue my blogs under the category How to Self-Publish. This week, a short technical note on […]

Ten Things I Learned in 2014 as a Writer

To strengthen my writer’s resolve, I’ve been looking back on 2014, particularly the period since April when I published The Case for Killing. Here are the top ten things I learned as a writer. Manage expectations. Writing for fun is, well, fun. Expecting to have a broad readership is a recipe for anxiety and depression. […]