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Unexplained deaths, sordid family secrets and insider trading envelop fractious brothers.

“… A gripping story of suspense, laced with heavy emotion and family drama.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS.

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Unexplained deaths, sordid family secrets and insider trading envelop fractious brothers.

A lawyer following a former heartthrob to Rome can’t escape a long-ago murder.

The Case for Killing_Cover

Two plans for murder collide at a Toronto law firm.


Beta Reader Feedback

Last week, I blogged about using, finding and preparing beta readers. In this post, following my experience with The Case for Killing and False Guilt, I’m

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Book Research Methods

In my last blog on how to self-publish, I posted about the importance of research for a work of fiction. Today I’m following with a

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Fifty Seconds of Terror

For budding crime thriller writers, it’s a challenge to connect with readers and other writers and to learn about the marketplace. That’s the reason for

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Self-Publishing Stigma

Today I’m posting a few thoughts about the stigma associated with self-publishing. I’m including the post in my series of blogs about what a first-time fiction

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Content Overload

I’ve been fighting content overload. My gen used to find information in newspapers and books, and occasionally on TV. Often, for a particular subject, there wasn’t

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Time to Market

In my posts about a first-time writer deciding between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I’ve recently been discussing non-financial considerations. Today I’m writing about the time

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New York City Inspires

Writers are drawn to New York City. Many visit, as I did last week to research locations for my third book. Others choose to live

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