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Unexplained deaths, sordid family secrets and insider trading envelop fractious brothers.

“… A gripping story of suspense, laced with heavy emotion and family drama.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS.

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Unexplained deaths, sordid family secrets and insider trading envelop fractious brothers.

A lawyer following a former heartthrob to Rome can’t escape a long-ago murder.

The Case for Killing_Cover

Two plans for murder collide at a Toronto law firm.


Writer Promotion: Appearances

In traditional publishing, events where writers meet readers have long been a staple of book promotion. As part of their promotional strategy, self-published writers can do

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5 Ways Music Can Help Writers

This week, I listened to a CBC interview of Ian Rankin in which he discusses the large influence music has had on him. The same is true for me. I especially

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Writer Promotion: Social Media

In my blog series “How to Self-Publish”, I’ve been posting about how writers can promote their books and themselves. Needless to say, these days everyone thinks

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Writer Promotion: Blogging

The most recent posts in my blog series “How to Self-Publish” have been about promotion. This week I’m discussing blogging. Should a writer blog? It’s very common to

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Writer Promotion: The Website

Despite the amazing social media tools available, a website remains at the core of a writer’s promotional strategy. As one peels away the onion, there

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Refining Plot

Two weeks ago I posted that I had received comments on the current draft of my third book and that I was working on developing

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Becoming a Character

Here’s another post under “Thoughts on Writing”. Over the last four weeks, I’ve been receiving comments on the current draft of my third book. I have

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