Crook’s Hill

Crook's Hill Final CoverAlan Boltby, a renowned Toronto lawyer, is struck how insular his workaholic life is. He decides to re-connect with his older brother, James, his only meaningful family tie, despite envying James’s wild success as a Manhattan hedge fund co-founder. They’ve been distant since Alan caused James a terrible boyhood injury on Crook’s Hill Farm, and Alan wants James’s acceptance to free himself of his lingering, isolating guilt.

Soon after a tense coffee, James shocks Alan by asking him to investigate alleged insider trading at the hedge fund. Alan quickly links two unexplained deaths, including the general counsel’s. With James’s career unravelling, the brothers take refuge at Crook’s Hill. But when an estranged family member unexpectedly appears, a horrific, long-buried family crime resurfaces. For ten days, Alan struggles between protecting James and standing up for what’s right—while saving himself from the family crime’s noose.

Coming fall 2017!