Why I Liked the Movie Whiplash

The movie Whiplash has stuck with me since I saw it a few weeks ago. I see lots of movies and most zip in and out of my brain. I’m going to blog about why I think Whiplash found a few memory cells. Bear with me. There’s a connection to writing. If you haven’t seen […]

Choosing a Story’s Specifics

Another breezy blog post this week as I push to the end of my first edit of book three. Almost every fiction writer knows the golden rule that a story must show, not tell. A lot of nonfiction tells, usually with generalizations. Fiction shows, by using specifics and often setting the story in real time. […]

The Writer’s First Edit

I’m deep into the first edit of my third book. A shorter blog this week, then, as I’m pushing hard to the finish. My approach to writing a book’s initial draft is to follow a flexible outline and to use a construct, which gives details about the characters and puts them in a chronology so I know […]

8 Tips to Help Writers Avoid Procrastination

One of the pleasures of writing fiction is meeting readers. Some readers also are closet writers. They often tell me that getting words to paper is challenging and completing a story is daunting. So they procrastinate. This problem, I’m sure, dates back to the first writers in Mesopotamia. Here are some strategies to get the […]

Should writers watch word count?

A recent Microsoft study concludes that the average human attention span has fallen from twelve seconds to eight since 2000. Apparently that’s less than the attention span of a goldfish. I’ll try to keep this post short. I’m not a fan of proclaiming rules that writers need to follow in order to write a book and get […]

My Guest Blog

This week, I’ve guest blogged for Melodie Campbell. Melodie is a crime/comedy writer, a winner of the Derringer and Arthur Ellis Awards, a fellow Canadian and just an all-around really nice person. I read her book The Goddaughter and found it hilarious. Read my cringeworthy young lawyer experience on Melodie’s blog at http://funnygirlmelodie.blogspot.ca/. Back to a full blog here […]

Writers Should Network

I know that I should network to advance my writing aspirations. But knowing doesn’t mean doing, at least for someone like me, whose default is looking inward, not outward. So this blog considers the reasons writers should network. Extroverted writers might shrug and stop reading. As far as I can tell, networking and its benefits […]

Writer’s Emotional Block

I haven’t felt at all like writing in the last four days. I don’t have writer’s block, in the sense of having the will to write but not the words. It’s emotional block, caused by life stuff that’s using all my processing power. The result is I have no words because I don’t have the will […]

The Pre-Release Checklist

Last December, I wrote up a checklist of things to do for the upcoming release of False Guilt. The checklist has evolved through the first weeks of 2015 and I thought I would share a summary for other self-published authors. But, first, a snippet of False Guilt: the opening and closing paragraphs of chapter 1. “Tell me […]

Improving the First Draft

In early January, I read through the first draft of my as-yet-untitled third book. I wrote it last summer, so I got a fresh take on it. After finishing the book, I considered what questions to answer in order to create the best next draft. Here’s what I came up with. Is the book a satisfying reading experience? […]