Writer Promotion: Reviews

I’ve been posting about how self-published writers can promote their books. In my first post, I said, “Readers will buy a self-published writer’s book if they believe they’ll be entertained or get some other benefit. This means they have to know about the book and likely what other readers think of it.” User-generated reviews offer […]

A Protagonist’s Birthdate

Peter Bradley, the protagonist in my first book, The Case for Killing, was born on July 20, 1960. It’s an interesting day to look back on. Eventually, it also causes Bradley some trouble. From the July 21, 1960 Toronto Daily Star, we learn time-capsule things about July 20 like: The Cold War utterly dominated international politics. Fears were growing […]

Reconnecting Through Writing

Last week, I tweeted that writing books is a great way to connect with people from one’s past. Many tweets have an untold background story. I’ve decided to tell the story behind my tweet. My father was a Professor of Chemistry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. The Klaus Fritze Memorial Prize at McMaster is […]

When is a Book Ready to Publish?

I have a confession to make. I said that my second book, False Guilt, would be available this fall. It will be the first quarter of 2015 instead. I really did think I would make the original deadline. One lesson I’ve learned is that, when talking about a future book’s release date, it’s better to say […]

Fifty Seconds of Terror

For budding crime thriller writers, it’s a challenge to connect with readers and other writers and to learn about the marketplace. That’s the reason for conferences like Bouchercon. I’m just back from the 2014 version in Long Beach, California. Overall, I learned a ton. However, I arrived with apprehension after receiving an email inviting me […]

Self-Publishing Stigma

Today I’m posting a few thoughts about the stigma associated with self-publishing. I’m including the post in my series of blogs about what a first-time fiction writer should consider when choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Self-pub authors know the stigma I mean. It shows in many forms. Newspapers and many bloggers won’t review us. Many book stores […]

More on Book Contests

A few blogs back, I posted that I’d started thinking about entering The Case for Killing in book contests. I then discussed Canadian book awards for which self-pub thrillers are eligible. This post is about international book contests in which a Canadian self-pub thriller can participate. Most are based in the United States and United Kingdom. I imagined […]

Canadian Book Awards for Self-Pub Thrillers

The Case for Killing’s readership is growing – slowly. I’m getting positive reviews by email, or in a few cases, online. In a world where it’s so hard for an author to get discovered, these are wonderful baby steps. Dreams create goals and you need goals (and a lot of luck) to succeed. This week […]

Professional Book Reviews for a Fee

In my blog post Is a Kirkus Review Worth It?, I discussed the review I purchased from Kirkus Indie for The Case for Killing. I decided to buy an objective review from a reputable organization because of the difficulty indie authors have in getting professional reviews. Since I’m starting to think about promotion for my […]

Speaking at the Dundas Public Library

On June 21, I had the real privilege of speaking at the Dundas Public Library about how to self-publish. It’s a presentation I hope to give with a colleague at various libraries in the fall. My appearance in Dundas, my hometown, was the first run at it. You can imagine my thoughts on the way there. […]