Writer Promotion: Reviews

I’ve been posting about how self-published writers can promote their books. In my first post, I said, “Readers will buy a self-published writer’s book if they believe they’ll be entertained or get some other benefit. This means they have to know about the book and likely what other readers think of it.” User-generated reviews offer […]

I’m a Member of TWUC

A very short blog today to say that my application for membership in the The Writer’s Union of Canada has been accepted based on my book, False Guilt. The Writers’ Union of Canada is a national organization of professional writers of books. It has about 2,000 members and was founded more than 40 years ago to work with […]

False Guilt: At the Funeral

I think of what follows as a short “sequel-prequel” to my book, False Guilt, because it fits between the first and second parts. Between the minister’s sombre sentences, one of the wooden doors of Toronto’s Metropolitan United Church thumped shut. Paul turned to look from the front pew and caught his breath. Grace had appeared, five minutes late for […]

A Story in Trastevere

One of the key locations of my second book, False Guilt, is Trastevere, Rome. Why? As I shared in an earlier post, a few years ago I was in Rome for the first time. About five days in, I had the idea for a book about two Canadians becoming lovers there, only to begin suspecting […]

False Guilt and Robert Street

Writing the first draft of False Guilt, I needed a street close to the downtown campus of the University of Toronto where five students shared a house in the early 1990s and hid secrets. I chose Robert Street, partly because I remember student housing there, partly because my second son shares the first name and partly because […]

False Guilt: A Short Prequel

“Take her nice and slow,” their grandfather said, stroking the white stubble on his chin. David tightened the recoil pad against his shoulder and drew his face alongside the stock. He pressed one eye shut, squinted through the front sight with the other and took a deep breath. “Nice and steady,” Granddad added. Paul stood […]

False Guilt Is Out! What I Learned.

 At last! I’ve self-published False Guilt. The eBook is broadly available on Amazon (here for Canada, U.S., U.K.). Use a Kindle or the free Kindle app on your tablet. The print version is also available in the U.S. and U.K. and coming to Canada shortly. Here’s the blurb. “Paul Tews, a rising Toronto mergers and acquisitions […]

The Pre-Release Checklist

Last December, I wrote up a checklist of things to do for the upcoming release of False Guilt. The checklist has evolved through the first weeks of 2015 and I thought I would share a summary for other self-published authors. But, first, a snippet of False Guilt: the opening and closing paragraphs of chapter 1. “Tell me […]

False Guilt Front Cover

Here it is! The front cover for False Guilt.  Thanks to Tara Murphy for the original idea and thanks to Emma Dolan for running with it. And thanks to all who commented on its various iterations, especially Paul and Robert Fritze.   False Guilt will be out shortly. Copyright ©2015 Peter Fritze Where to buy The Case for […]

When is a Book Ready to Publish?

I have a confession to make. I said that my second book, False Guilt, would be available this fall. It will be the first quarter of 2015 instead. I really did think I would make the original deadline. One lesson I’ve learned is that, when talking about a future book’s release date, it’s better to say […]