Should You Publish?

This post is part of the blog stream on how to self-publish. It asks the threshold question: should you publish at all? So, you’ve finished a novel. You like it. Maybe you’ve even had editing help. You think it’s in good shape. What do you do with it? I’m going to assume for this post […]

Crothers Woods

It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ve lived in Toronto for over thirty-five years and knew little about Crothers Woods until I wrote The Case for Killing. But I needed a spot for thoughts of foul play and started investigating. It was so new to me that, until the book’s last draft, I called the area […]

Legacy vs. Self-Publishing

Much has been written about the choice a writer has between legacy publishing and self-publishing. In my third blog stream, I’m going to wade into this giant debate with a series of posts about the pros and cons of each. I’ll try to distinguish my contribution by looking at the pros and cons in some […]

How to Self-Publish

There is a lot of great commentary on how to self-publish. There are books on the topic, summaries in single blog posts and many posts on individual points of self-publishing. A lot of commentary focuses on the difficult process of promotion. Some of it is a lead-in to buying a service. Even with all the […]

Why The Case for Killing?

Last week, I self-published The Case for Killing on Amazon. People ask me how I came to write this book. The answer to this question changed over time. I started in May, 2012 because I needed a project to distract me from life challenges. I’d written a lot when I was younger and it was […]