Mini-Mysteries by Peter Fritze

My New YouTube Channel About a year ago, I thought of creating a “visual short story” featuring Alan Boltby and Sara Ramachandran, the protagonists from my last book, Crook’s Hill. After a lot of work, and some innovation, too, I’m pleased to announce my YouTube channel: “Mini-Mysteries by Peter Fritze.” They’re “mini-mysteries” because they’re about […]


I met Christine Cowley at the 2017 Indie Author Day hosted by the PineRidge Arts Council and Pickering Public Library. Christine is an author, speaker and writing coach. She also moderates STORYLINES on 88.7 FM The Bay in beautiful Muskoka, a show that connects readers and authors. In November, Christine kindly interviewed me about Crook’s Hill: […]

Crook’s Hill and Daisy

In my new book, Crook’s Hill, the main protagonist is Alan Boltby. A workaholic corporate lawyer, he yearns for a real life but ends up turning investigator. However, a second protagonist emerges, Sara Ramachandran. Alan and Sara are the basis for a new series. Sara hasn’t been treated right, so she has difficulty interacting with […]

The Crook’s Hill House

My third mystery, Crook’s Hill, soon to be published, has two main settings: New York City and Crook’s Hill Farm, near fictional Spring Woods, Ontario. The farm is based loosely on one that my godfather bought when I was twelve. He’d already involved me in his interest in horses, taking me many Sunday mornings to a place […]

Fritze’s Back

I like Rome—a lot. The photo captures the front of the city’s famous Pantheon. Sometimes I look to Rome and its history for inspiration or support. For the last year, I’ve been leaning on the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” actually a medieval French phrase, to explain the slow emergence of my third […]

Writer Promotion: Having a Plan

This is the last post in my blog series on How to Self-Publish. In previous posts, I described ways a self-pub can promote her book. But rather than dipping into every strategy and seeing which, if any, sticks, a writer will find it useful to have a promotional plan. There are several reasons for this. […]

Writer Promotion: Spending the Marketing Budget

I have two posts left under How to Self-Publish about promotion. This week I look at fee-based services and next week I’ll discuss having a promotional strategy. To date, my posts about promotion have largely focused on approaches involving little or no cost, such as invoking the help of family and friends, having a website […]

Writer Promotion: Reviews

I’ve been posting about how self-published writers can promote their books. In my first post, I said, “Readers will buy a self-published writer’s book if they believe they’ll be entertained or get some other benefit. This means they have to know about the book and likely what other readers think of it.” User-generated reviews offer […]

Writer Promotion: Other Free Tools

In my last posts under How to Self-Publish, I focused on promotion through family and friends, a website and blogging, social media and appearances like library presentations. These are all ways a writer can publicize his name and books for free. This post is a catchall for additional promotional techniques that only cost the writer time. In the weeks […]

Writer Self-Care

When I made a serious commitment to writing about three years ago, I had good energy for creating but was very inefficient. A page a day was an accomplishment. Now my energy can be hit-and-miss but I get more done. I consider a thousand words my minimum daily output. The moderation in energy hasn’t surprised me. I think […]