Suspense mysteries.

Moral ambiguity.

Fast-paced drama.


Crooks Hill_Front Cover_web

Crook’s Hill (2018). Craving a real life, Alan Boltby, a workaholic lawyer, turns investigator, confronting insider trading, unexplained deaths and a sordid family secret. Read more…

 “A gripping story of suspense, laced with heavy emotion and family drama.” — Kirkus Reviews


And have a listen to my STORYLINES radio interview about Crook’s Hill here.


False Guilt (2015). A lawyer follows a former heartthrob to Rome but can’t escape a friend’s long-ago murder. Read more…

“False Guilt is no doubt the most unconventional mystery, and I mean that as a compliment! You do not find many writers like Peter Fritze because they are one of a kind … I really enjoyed reading this mystery/thriller.” Five Stars — Readers’ Favorite

Amazon, Sleuth of Baker Street, A Different Drummer.


The Case for Killing (2014). Two plans for murder collide at a Toronto law firm. Read more…

“A slight variation on the whodunit — a whomightdoit — but with all the trimmings of a satisfyingly complex murder mystery.” — Kirkus Reviews

Amazon, Sleuth of Baker Street, A Different Drummer.