Writer Promotion: Having a Plan

This is the last post in my blog series on How to Self-Publish. In previous posts, I described ways a self-pub can promote her book. But rather than dipping into every strategy and seeing which, if any, sticks, a writer will find it useful to have a promotional plan. There are several reasons for this. […]

Writer Promotion: Spending the Marketing Budget

I have two posts left under How to Self-Publish about promotion. This week I look at fee-based services and next week I’ll discuss having a promotional strategy. To date, my posts about promotion have largely focused on approaches involving little or no cost, such as invoking the help of family and friends, having a website […]

Writer Promotion: Reviews

I’ve been posting about how self-published writers can promote their books. In my first post, I said, “Readers will buy a self-published writer’s book if they believe they’ll be entertained or get some other benefit. This means they have to know about the book and likely what other readers think of it.” User-generated reviews offer […]