Writer Promotion: Other Free Tools

In my last posts under How to Self-Publish, I focused on promotion through family and friends, a website and blogging, social media and appearances like library presentations. These are all ways a writer can publicize his name and books for free. This post is a catchall for additional promotional techniques that only cost the writer time. In the weeks […]

Writer Self-Care

When I made a serious commitment to writing about three years ago, I had good energy for creating but was very inefficient. A page a day was an accomplishment. Now my energy can be hit-and-miss but I get more done. I consider a thousand words my minimum daily output. The moderation in energy hasn’t surprised me. I think […]

Writer Promotion: Appearances

In traditional publishing, events where writers meet readers have long been a staple of book promotion. As part of their promotional strategy, self-published writers can do some of the same. The usual events are book launches and signings as well as library and book club readings. These are wonderful opportunities for writers to connect with readers, spark some […]