A Hard Way to Make a Living

Blog 69 ImageLast week, I blogged that I’m now a member of the The Writers’ Union of Canada. I’ve been taking a closer look at TWUC’s work.

TWUC just released its latest income survey of Canadian writers called Devaluing Creators, Endangering Creativity.

The results are ugly. From the press release: “For 81% of respondents, income from writing would not allow them to live above the poverty line, and the average writer’s income ($12,879) is a full $36,000 below the national average.” Yet writers’ content supports a nearly $2 billion publishing industry in Canada.

I am new to the issues relating to fair compensation for writers. However, the obvious implication of TWUC’s income survey is that writers will leave their profession. And I agree with the report that this, in turn, will affect the quality and depth of material available to Canadians as well as the publishing industry.

Perhaps in an age of disruption, this is how it must be. But first I ask everyone to think again about those income numbers. And perhaps consider buying and reading any writer’s book. It’ll be appreciated all around.

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