6 Tips for Writers to Handle Criticism

Every writer receives criticism. And it’s really not a lot of fun. The first thing I want to say, and occasionally do, is, “Don’t you understand what I’m doing there? I mean, come on, it’s obvious.” At the same time, there’s a little voice inside me that says, “You see, you’re not going to be the next […]

Promotion: Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Nearly a year and a half ago, I began a blog series comparing traditional publishing and self-publishing for a fiction writer who’s completed her first manuscript. Today’s post is about promotion. It would be nice if a first-time writer could build readers and maybe even earn an income just by having her book published. However, […]

Self-Pub Writers Distributing Print Copies Through Resellers

Here’s another post in my blog series about How to Self-Publish. It’s the fifth of five on how self-pub writers can distribute their books. So far, I’ve given an overview about distribution, posted about selling eBooks (here and here) and discussed self-pubs selling print copies directly or by consignment. This post is about distributing print […]

Writing a Killer Ending

I’ve been posting for a while that I’m working hard on my third book. I’m down to editing the last chapters before sending out the manuscript for the first round of developmental comments. And that has me asking: in the thriller genre, what makes for a killer ending? A book’s opening is the chance to […]

A Hard Way to Make a Living

Last week, I blogged that I’m now a member of the The Writers’ Union of Canada. I’ve been taking a closer look at TWUC’s work. TWUC just released its latest income survey of Canadian writers called Devaluing Creators, Endangering Creativity. The results are ugly. From the press release: “For 81% of respondents, income from writing would not […]