Self-Pub Writers Distributing Print Copies of Their Books

I have two more posts left about distributing a self-published book. This post discusses a self-published writer selling print copies of his book to readers directly or by consignment with a book store. In this case, the writer needs to buy inventory of his book. The last post will be about distributing print copies through […]

The Writer’s First Edit

I’m deep into the first edit of my third book. A shorter blog this week, then, as I’m pushing hard to the finish. My approach to writing a book’s initial draft is to follow a flexible outline and to use a construct, which gives details about the characters and puts them in a chronology so I know […]

Publishing Contracts: Promises by the Writer

In my two most recent posts about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I looked at copyright and the promises made to a writer in a publishing contract. This post gives an overview of the promises made by the writer in a publishing contract. In other words, it’s about the writer’s obligations, and […]

8 Tips to Help Writers Avoid Procrastination

One of the pleasures of writing fiction is meeting readers. Some readers also are closet writers. They often tell me that getting words to paper is challenging and completing a story is daunting. So they procrastinate. This problem, I’m sure, dates back to the first writers in Mesopotamia. Here are some strategies to get the […]