Using eBook Retailers for Distribution

In my last two posts under the category How To Self-Publish, I’ve given an overview of distributing a self-published book and discussed direct sales of eBooks by website or social media. This post is about the distribution channel most self-published writers use to sell their books: eBook retailers. With an eBook retailer, a self-published writer […]

False Guilt: At the Funeral

I think of what follows as a short “sequel-prequel” to my book, False Guilt, because it fits between the first and second parts. Between the minister’s sombre sentences, one of the wooden doors of Toronto’s Metropolitan United Church thumped shut. Paul turned to look from the front pew and caught his breath. Grace had appeared, five minutes late for […]

Should writers watch word count?

A recent Microsoft study concludes that the average human attention span has fallen from twelve seconds to eight since 2000. Apparently that’s less than the attention span of a goldfish. I’ll try to keep this post short. I’m not a fan of proclaiming rules that writers need to follow in order to write a book and get […]

Publishing Contracts: Promises to the Writer

In my last blog about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I had a look at copyright in a fiction manuscript. This has set me up for two blogs about traditional publishing contracts, which only writers working with publishing houses will have. Today’s post is a broad overview of the promises made to […]

Direct Sales of EBooks

In my last post in the category How to Self-Publish, I said I’d blog about channels a self-published writer can use to distribute her book. Today I’m writing about direct sales platforms like Gumroad, Ganxy and Sellfy. They allow a writer to sell eBooks on her website or through links attached to social media or messages. The Challenge. From the start, self-published […]