A Story in Trastevere

One of the key locations of my second book, False Guilt, is Trastevere, Rome. Why? As I shared in an earlier post, a few years ago I was in Rome for the first time. About five days in, I had the idea for a book about two Canadians becoming lovers there, only to begin suspecting […]


  I’m continuing my blogs about a first-time writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing. One key difference between those two routes is that a writer who chooses traditional publishing will have a contract with a publishing house. I thought I would write posts about copyright, promises of the publisher under a traditional publishing contract […]

Distributing Your Self-Published Book: The Overview

In my blog series called How to Self-Publish, it’s time to turn to the question of how to distribute your book. Subsequent posts will look at various eBook and print-on-demand (POD) distribution channels that a self-published author can access. This post starts the process with an overview. It’s amazing what’s available. When I’m finished the posts […]

False Guilt and Robert Street

Writing the first draft of False Guilt, I needed a street close to the downtown campus of the University of Toronto where five students shared a house in the early 1990s and hid secrets. I chose Robert Street, partly because I remember student housing there, partly because my second son shares the first name and partly because […]