Trad vs. Self-Publishing: Periodical Reviews

In 2014, I began a series of blogs about a first-time writer who’s completed a fiction manuscript and is deciding whether to search for a traditional publishing contract or to self-publish. When I left off, I was writing about non-financial considerations like lifestyle and control. This week I’m blogging about a writer’s access to media […]


On February 8, 2015, I posted a basic pre-release checklist for a book written by an author who is self-publishing. In the next few weeks, I’m going to write explanatory posts for a few items in the checklist. These will nicely continue my blogs under the category How to Self-Publish. This week, a short technical note on […]

My Guest Blog

This week, I’ve guest blogged for Melodie Campbell. Melodie is a crime/comedy writer, a winner of the Derringer and Arthur Ellis Awards, a fellow Canadian and just an all-around really nice person. I read her book The Goddaughter and found it hilarious. Read my cringeworthy young lawyer experience on Melodie’s blog at Back to a full blog here […]

False Guilt: A Short Prequel

“Take her nice and slow,” their grandfather said, stroking the white stubble on his chin. David tightened the recoil pad against his shoulder and drew his face alongside the stock. He pressed one eye shut, squinted through the front sight with the other and took a deep breath. “Nice and steady,” Granddad added. Paul stood […]

False Guilt Is Out! What I Learned.

 At last! I’ve self-published False Guilt. The eBook is broadly available on Amazon (here for Canada, U.S., U.K.). Use a Kindle or the free Kindle app on your tablet. The print version is also available in the U.S. and U.K. and coming to Canada shortly. Here’s the blurb. “Paul Tews, a rising Toronto mergers and acquisitions […]