Writer’s Emotional Block

Blog 45 ImageI haven’t felt at all like writing in the last four days.

I don’t have writer’s block, in the sense of having the will to write but not the words. It’s emotional block, caused by life stuff that’s using all my processing power. The result is I have no words because I don’t have the will to write.

I’ve been thinking all day how to regenerate the will. In my blog, I offer all kinds of checklists; maybe there’s one for emotional block, too.

If there is, I haven’t found it. All I have is loose thoughts.

The first is that it should be possible to overcome emotional block with discipline. But I am disciplined, and that’s not working.

The second is that when serious emotions need processing, well, maybe they should be given some time to do so. A book, a movie or a walk may be a better remedy than aimless keyboard pecking.

And the third is that, at least for the two hundred or so words in this short, disjointed blog, the emotional block is starting to lift. I’m pretty sure there’ll be more words tomorrow, and more the day after, and so on.

I’m guessing emotional block requires some self-care – and patience. Time to exercise those.

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  1. Peter: Some time back when I actually was paid to write studies, reports and the like I would often times find myself stalled out, blocked, what have you. In those days I was a runner and used this form of exercise to get the mind cleared and renewed. Physical activity I found to be the fastest way to access the doors that needed opening. Good luck. Patrick

  2. Well that blog should get you a response! Writing on the Right Side of the Brain recommends daily ‘clearance’ by just writing ANYTHING as that clears the way for better writing. I think you found that on your own.

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