Writers Should Network

I know that I should network to advance my writing aspirations. But knowing doesn’t mean doing, at least for someone like me, whose default is looking inward, not outward. So this blog considers the reasons writers should network. Extroverted writers might shrug and stop reading. As far as I can tell, networking and its benefits […]

Writer’s Emotional Block

I haven’t felt at all like writing in the last four days. I don’t have writer’s block, in the sense of having the will to write but not the words. It’s emotional block, caused by life stuff that’s using all my processing power. The result is I have no words because I don’t have the will […]

The Pre-Release Checklist

Last December, I wrote up a checklist of things to do for the upcoming release of False Guilt. The checklist has evolved through the first weeks of 2015 and I thought I would share a summary for other self-published authors. But, first, a snippet of False Guilt: the opening and closing paragraphs of chapter 1. “Tell me […]

False Guilt Front Cover

Here it is! The front cover for False Guilt.  Thanks to Tara Murphy for the original idea and thanks to Emma Dolan for running with it. And thanks to all who commented on its various iterations, especially Paul and Robert Fritze.   False Guilt will be out shortly. Copyright ©2015 Peter Fritze Where to buy The Case for […]