Blog 37 ImageSanta, I know your focus is gifts for girls and boys, but this year, can you also give to this middle-aged writer? BTW, I’ve already bought you milk and cookies with the proceeds of my book sales this year.

To help you decide, I’m forwarding you my wish list. Right up front, I acknowledge that there are a lot of intangibles on my list. Nothing like, say, a gaming console, though that did cross my mind. But I believe in your magical powers and, really, any two or three of the following would do.

  1. A bit more attention: I had a good start this year with The Case for Killing. But it would help if you installed a copy of my book on all the digital readers and tablets you hand out.
  1. A remedy for shyness: I love it when readers say they like my book. However, I blush, which interferes with my alpha male projection. Is there something for that?
  1. Less writer’s envy. When I read a thriller, I say, “Well, I could write that.” I’d prefer if that happened at the end of the book, not every page.
  1. More perseverance. In pill form, to go with my morning vitamins.
  1. Some new similes. I’m only on book three and I’m running dry already. Metaphors are good, too.
  1. Simplified social media. Why are there so many platforms? Can’t they be combined?
  1. Data. There’s a lot of discussion in the blogosphere whether writers earn more if they’re traditionally published or self-published. But the folks who sell books never give us the proper data to decide. Can you put it on your website?
  1. A minimum wage for writers.
  1. A Stanley Cup for the Leafs. I’m toying with you now.
  1. Amendment to wish #2. Just change me into an extrovert.

Good luck with the holidays, Santa.

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