Using, Finding and Preparing Beta Readers

I’m going to devote a few posts to the topic of beta readers. I’m including the posts under “Thoughts on Writing” because beta readers can help writers both traditionally and self-published. This post is about using, finding and preparing beta readers. The next post will ask what do with their feedback. One can have different views on […]

Book Research Methods

In my last blog on how to self-publish, I posted about the importance of research for a work of fiction. Today I’m following with a post about what, when and how to research. Let’s first consider what to research. In a fiction manuscript, a writer will obviously introduce a lot of content about characters, plot […]

Fifty Seconds of Terror

For budding crime thriller writers, it’s a challenge to connect with readers and other writers and to learn about the marketplace. That’s the reason for conferences like Bouchercon. I’m just back from the 2014 version in Long Beach, California. Overall, I learned a ton. However, I arrived with apprehension after receiving an email inviting me […]

Self-Publishing Stigma

Today I’m posting a few thoughts about the stigma associated with self-publishing. I’m including the post in my series of blogs about what a first-time fiction writer should consider when choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Self-pub authors know the stigma I mean. It shows in many forms. Newspapers and many bloggers won’t review us. Many book stores […]

How Important is Book Research?

In my blog series on how to self-publish, it’s time for some posts about research. Today I’m writing about the importance of research for a work of fiction. In future posts, I’ll discuss when and how to do it. Let’s start with the problem of an author getting facts right. The very credibility and success of […]