Content Overload

I’ve been fighting content overload. My gen used to find information in newspapers and books, and occasionally on TV. Often, for a particular subject, there wasn’t a lot. Like many others, I embraced the online world and, more or less, got used to a wealth of new sources. However, after I got interested in writing a […]

Time to Market

In my posts about a first-time writer deciding between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I’ve recently been discussing non-financial considerations. Today I’m writing about the time it takes for the writer’s book to come to market once the manuscript has been completed. Since The Case for Killing was self-published, I’ve learned about “time to market” for traditionally published […]

Working With a Book Cover Designer

Last post in my series of blogs on how to self-publish, I wrote about what a book cover design should achieve. As an author, to get the best result for your cover, it’s useful to know some tips about the process of working with a designer. I’m assuming here you’ve hired someone to create original art for […]

New York City Inspires

Writers are drawn to New York City. Many visit, as I did last week to research locations for my third book. Others choose to live there, or having been born there, never leave. Take just one small neighbourhood, tony Brooklyn Heights (pictured) across the East River from south Manhattan. There I communed with the ghosts […]