What Inspired My Second Book?

Rome 041This is my first blog in a new category about my upcoming second crime thriller, False Guilt.

In both The Case for Killing and False Guilt, I use a fictitious downtown Toronto law firm, Collins, Shaw, LLP, as a partial backdrop. But False Guilt takes place not only in Toronto, but also in Rome. And that’s where I was inspired with the initial idea for the book.

I was travelling, on my own, for the first time after a lengthy health recovery. Rome had been on my bucket list since my teens, but a visit had always evaded me. I decided to treat myself to ten days there, and to take it easy and enjoy la dolce vita.

In the first five days, I saw the Coliseum, the Palatine hill, the Pantheon and most of the other amazing sights tourists usually visit in Rome and Vatican City. I enjoyed good food and warm weather. Though it was early April, I even ate dinner on a patio several times. I became so comfortable with the general layout of many of Rome’s core streets that tourists asked me for directions.

I was walking up a central thoroughfare, Via Nazionale, aiming for my hotel northwest of the Stazione Termini, when it struck me. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a man and a woman became lovers in Rome fifteen years after being separated through a still unsolved murder? And then, in Rome, began suspecting one another of that murder?

At the hotel, I went straight for a small Moleskine a good friend gave me for Christmas to capture writing ideas, and started making notes.

The story evolved – a lot – to include, for example, a reference to the garden pictured above. But, in a much expanded story, a version of the idea that came to me in Rome that day stuck. More teasers about False Guilt to come.

The eBook of False Guilt is planned for the end of fall.

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