What Inspired My Second Book?

This is my first blog in a new category about my upcoming second crime thriller, False Guilt. In both The Case for Killing and False Guilt, I use a fictitious downtown Toronto law firm, Collins, Shaw, LLP, as a partial backdrop. But False Guilt takes place not only in Toronto, but also in Rome. And […]

Lifestyles of Traditionally vs. Self-Published Authors

In my last blogs about a first-time fiction writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I looked at non-financial considerations that might make the writer lean one way or another. Today I’m posting about the career lifestyle associated with each. If one looks at day-to-day career lifestyles, I think those of traditionally and self-published authors are bound to be […]

What Should a Book Cover Design Achieve?

If you’re self-publishing a book of fiction, you should pay close attention to your cover design. This seems like irrefutable advice, yet many self-pub books have an inferior cover. So why is cover design so important? I had a good chat with my cover designer, Emma Dolan, about this. The answer is that good cover design promotes readership […]

More on Book Contests

A few blogs back, I posted that I’d started thinking about entering The Case for Killing in book contests. I then discussed Canadian book awards for which self-pub thrillers are eligible. This post is about international book contests in which a Canadian self-pub thriller can participate. Most are based in the United States and United Kingdom. I imagined […]