Canadian Book Awards for Self-Pub Thrillers

Gold StarThe Case for Killing’s readership is growing – slowly. I’m getting positive reviews by email, or in a few cases, online. In a world where it’s so hard for an author to get discovered, these are wonderful baby steps.

Dreams create goals and you need goals (and a lot of luck) to succeed. This week I started dreaming about entering The Case for Killing in book award competitions – just to say I tried. So I started researching what awards exist for self-published thrillers.

This post is about Canadian awards. In three weeks, I’ll blog about international awards where I’ll choose from the great list of awards at Crime Fiction Awards.

The Arthur Ellis Awards for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing are the obvious awards to participate in. They’re offered annually by the Crime Writers of Canada. For published works, two categories that interest me and that accept self-published works are Best Crime Novel and Best First Crime Novel. I’ll go for the latter.

After that, while there are many other Canadian book awards, the pickings for self-published thrillers are slim. Many awards don’t accept self-published entries. Don’t laugh, but I checked the Scotiabank Giller Prize on this. Others, even if they are open to self-published works, are specific to literary works or regions of Canada.

My book may qualify for the Toronto Book Awards. They were established by Toronto City Council in 1974 and honour authors of books of literary or artistic merit that are evocative of Toronto. The Case for Killing certainly is evocative of Toronto and I’d like to think it has artistic merit. Their eligibility rules do not specifically exclude self-pubs.

I was unclear if a self-published thriller qualifies for the First Novel Award. I couldn’t find eligibility guidelines, and based on the award’s history, I’m guessing not.

If I missed a Canadian book award for which a self-published thriller is eligible, please let me know.

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  1. Interesting, hope you go for every award for which your masterpiece even remotely qualify

    Peter Alan Armstrong (Stay calm, be brave, wait for the signs)


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