Maybe It’s All About Prestige

Here’s another post in my blog series about a first-time fiction writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing. I’m in the middle of discussing some non-financial considerations that might go into that choice. This post is about whether an author will acquire more prestige by publishing her manuscript with a traditional publisher or by self-publishing. I’m going […]

Working with an Editor

I’m continuing my posts on how to self-publish with some thoughts about how an author should work with an editor. My last blog in this series discussed the categories of editing: structural, stylistic, copy editing and proofreading. When I wrote The Case for Killing, I always knew I would hire an editor. However, I imagined the […]

Canadian Book Awards for Self-Pub Thrillers

The Case for Killing’s readership is growing – slowly. I’m getting positive reviews by email, or in a few cases, online. In a world where it’s so hard for an author to get discovered, these are wonderful baby steps. Dreams create goals and you need goals (and a lot of luck) to succeed. This week […]

Do Publishers Help Create a Better Book?

In my last blog on a writer’s choice between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I wrote that I would address several non-financial considerations a writer might take into account. This post considers if a writer can expect to improve her manuscript more if she works with a traditional publisher than if she purchases services as an indie author. Since […]