Categories of Editing

The last post in my series on how to self-publish was called Self-Publishing Costs. The biggest upfront cost often is editing. In my next two posts in the series, I’ll look at the editing of a fiction manuscript in more detail. This post focuses on the categories of editing. When I blogged about upfront costs, I […]

Professional Book Reviews for a Fee

In my blog post Is a Kirkus Review Worth It?, I discussed the review I purchased from Kirkus Indie for The Case for Killing. I decided to buy an objective review from a reputable organization because of the difficulty indie authors have in getting professional reviews. Since I’m starting to think about promotion for my […]

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: Considerations Beyond Money

This post is part of my series on whether a first time writer, someone with a completed manuscript, should consider traditional/legacy publishing or self-publishing. In previous posts, I blogged that self-publishing is well-accepted, and that, given the difficulty of earning a living wage from writing, it’s important to enjoy each milestone in creating a manuscript. In addition, I discussed […]

Self-Publishing Costs

This is another post in my series on how to self-publish. Today, I’m discussing the costs of self-publishing before you get to promoting your book. You can look at self-publishing as a business with upfront capital costs or as a pricey hobby. Either way, get ready to shell out money before posting your book with […]