Speaking at the Dundas Public Library

On June 21, I had the real privilege of speaking at the Dundas Public Library about how to self-publish. It’s a presentation I hope to give with a colleague at various libraries in the fall. My appearance in Dundas, my hometown, was the first run at it. You can imagine my thoughts on the way there. […]

Earning a Living Wage Writing

If an author wants financial success from writing, should she choose legacy (traditional) publishing or self-publishing? Much of the evidence one way or another is anecdotal. However, in The Tenured vs. Debut Author Report, Hugh Howey and a colleague have attempted to provide data-driven answers to two closely related questions. First, what are an author’s […]

Self-Publishing Reality Check

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of self-publishing, I thought it was time for a reality check. Last fall, before the shortlist for the 2013 Giller Prize was announced, the three jury members gathered to answer questions about their process of whittling down entries. In a context I no longer remember, Margaret Atwood, one of the jury […]


For The Case for Killing, I imagined the protagonist, Peter Bradley, purchasing a very expensive house to coddle his beautiful wife, Amy. While Bradley had several Toronto neighbourhoods to choose from, he picked Rosedale for his purchase. Rosedale is just north of downtown Toronto. Its ravines, trees, large houses and parkland make it feel like a […]

How to Measure Success Writing a Book

This week, I’m continuing with my blog stream about debut writers choosing between legacy (traditional) publishing and self-publishing. So I’m imagining a writer with a completed manuscript burning a hole in the top drawer of her desk, wondering what to do with it. It would be natural to answer, “I’m going to choose the path that […]