Is a Kirkus Review Worth It?

In March, I purchased a professional review of The Case for Killing from Kirkus Reviews. I received it last week. The final sentence: “A slight variation on the whodunit—a whomightdoit—but with all the trimmings of a satisfyingly complex murder mystery.” —Kirkus Reviews. The full review is here. This blog is part of my stream on […]

The Train Track

In The Case for Killing, Peter Bradley stumbles upon an abandoned railway track in the middle of Toronto. That explains the book’s cover design. The train track, like most geographical locations in the book, exists. It’s about five kilometres long and runs from Leaside to downtown Toronto. And it is indeed abandoned, at least for […]

The Acceptance of Self-Publishing

Most new authors pitching a manuscript to an agent or publisher will be rejected. Many times. Years ago, a few authors chose vanity presses as an alternative. These companies published books at an author’s expense. Most readers thought the author’s efforts were rooted in excessive pride and shunned the books. Now many authors self-publish their […]

Should You Publish?

This post is part of the blog stream on how to self-publish. It asks the threshold question: should you publish at all? So, you’ve finished a novel. You like it. Maybe you’ve even had editing help. You think it’s in good shape. What do you do with it? I’m going to assume for this post […]