There is a lot of great commentary on how to self-publish.

There are books on the topic, summaries in single blog posts and many posts on individual points of self-publishing. A lot of commentary focuses on the difficult process of promotion. Some of it is a lead-in to buying a service.

Even with all the commentary available, when I went through the process of self-publishing The Case for Killing, I encountered many questions for which answers were hard to find. And they took time to solve. Time, as I was told, that I could spend writing.

So, my idea is to present a series of blog posts on the steps in the self-publishing process from deciding what to do with a book to getting it online to promoting it. Each post will be several hundred words and discuss a discreet part of the process. They’ll be presented in the order an author is likely to encounter them. I’ll rely on my experience from publishing The Case for Killing.

I will post blogs on self-publishing every third Sunday. The two Sundays in between, I’ll post blogs that give background to my books and comment on the author debate whether to pursue legacy publishing or self-publishing. By the end of the year, there should be an extended start-to-finish look at how to self-publish.

Here are some of the topics I’ll discuss:

I hope you’ll join me.

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